Namaste , Nepal

namaste from Nepal

From the land of  gods and clouds  , mountains and valleys .

The Shangri Las

Namaste . Nepal .

Nepal is one of the most interesting, beautiful  places that i ever visited before. to have the himalayans valley presented and feast upon my eyes is like a dream come true .

those dusty roads , chaotic traffic , woman in bright  traditional garment .. and of coz lots of black coffee and chai 🙂

It started when my friend  Shukur asked if i would like to join him and other friends for a trip to one of the most enchanting place on earth , Nepal.  I don’t  even think twice and jump on the offer.

Here are some picture that i had taken … 🙂 nepal-2 nepal-3 nepal-4 nepal-5 nepal-6 nepal-8 nepal-18 nepal-19nepal-7 nepal-9 nepal-10 nepal-11 nepal-12 nepal-13





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