My Mejestic Bromo

Bromo  has been always manage to took my breath away.  The Place itself its so serene , yet  so capable to damage every  single thing around him.

Located at one of the most fertile place in the Indonesia region , its also one of the most dangerous place , due to its one of the most active volcano around.

Bromo gives life , but  also will took it back anytime he want.  Its just all  in the matter of time when he will awake from his next slumber .

Nevertheless , Bromo is is one of my most favorites  place to  visit . The volcano, the people, the greenery , the air . Everything … about it is just beautiful

1st ever attempt to shot star trail here but i fail :p ( sad)

Penanjakan Observation Tower

its 4 am at the Penanjakan  Observation tower .. its cold, its dark and  its FULL OF PEOPLE.  yeap if  you wish to visit the beautiful sunrise of Mt.Bromo  , u gotta go there EARLY.. i do mean very early 🙂 and get your best seat to watch mother nature, how she transform the whole  dark  gloomy landscape into something so surreal.

the beautiful mountains and volcano slowly emerge from the blanket of clouds thus welcoming a new  beautiful day ahead 🙂

Vegetation Hills of Bromo

coming down from the mountain  and heads towards the hills , you can see the lush green vegetation around. Farmers plating cabbage and various of vegetable .

Pasir Berbisik ( The Whispering Sand)


The land of the whispering sand.

Some says , when ever the wind pass by . It shall  whisper to you and tell you stories of this enchanted land.

As beautiful and green  Bromo is  , u will never expect  to see such a barren  place with no plats , no green  , just sand… the wind . Everything , so alien.

This is the very much Bromo, the other side of Bromo , where all the volcano ash accumulate and create such a baron place.  Yet as barren  as it is , this place manage to captivate me , with its unique landscape, the plants and yes .. not to forget the   the wind that passes  you by and whisper to you .


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