Selamat Pagi Johore Bahru

Ever wonder what is happening  around town on the weekends in Johore Bahru ? aside on rolling in my bed , i decide to bring my  camera for a walk  around town 🙂

what is the best way to start your morning ? of coz a cup of Chai Tarik   ( sajer nak namer glemer sket)  and a nice crispy dosai 🙂

so maybe the  the dosai is not enough la kan …  i decide to walk a bit more and finnaly i reach 74-year-old Salahuddin Bakery along Jalan Dhoby and i bump into this old uncle who had been selling , making bread for the  past 74 years . Judging by the paper cuts on his walls and news coverage , i m pretty sure this place is very famous among the local and also tourist.

this place is quite popular

freshly bakes bread !!! 😀 this bread are all charcoal bake bread 😀 which means they use those charcoal fire oven to bake all these bread 😀

honestly speaking ..  i had been  wanted to go to this bakery for a very long time .  i knew the existence  of this bakery from my friend Hazmy and  the picture shot by another friend Kinoz . But that morning Hazmy  was busy so i decide to venture on my own . How i eventually found this place if u wonder. well the answer is pretty easy :p  FOLLOW YOUR NOSE .. hahaha TRUE STORY. That’s how i did it -_-||  i can smell freshly baked bread from far away ~~~ so i decide to follow the smell  and WALLA  😀 ~

lastly is getting hotter and noon is creeping in ..  so i decide i go back to my room  and wait for Hazmy to pick me up 🙂

have a nice day everyone.

hugs x0x0


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