Good Morning SIngapore


Hello  Singapore 🙂 , Good morning .

Picture taken on top of Mt Faber , Singapore with my good friend / guide / food guru / food pornographer  Mr Desmond  Foo ,who is a  professional photographer that is base in Singapore but basically  he is base in any part of the universe :p

we were so lucky to have  such a beautiful Sunday morning sunrise and it was my 1st ever sunrise of 2013 🙂 the place itself is breath taking  and to be able to capture the magic moment of it  its just beautiful .

picture was taken using a Mamiya Medium Format camera , and it was my 1st time ever using a Medium format camera  to shot .. Thank you so much  Desmond for giving me that opportunity  🙂 and also  pouring me more poison into my tiny little brain :p  therefore i shall be forever suck into the black hole of photography hahahaha

but never the less it was a beautiful day 🙂 and  i had a grate time 🙂 thank you again mate 🙂


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