M + E unite in JayBee

This wedding that i shot is not an ordinary wedding 🙂

Its a wedding of a good friend of mine in Johore Bahru and the opportunity to collaborate with one of JB best wedding photographer Mr. Hazmy Zulkapri, and also  i have another chance to re visit JB  again.

I knew Mohd Arbain quite a few years ago when  i was visiting Johore  for the 1st time and since then we are good friend.

One fine day , out from the blue he told me that he is getting married and i was SO SO SO SO HAPPY for him !!! and to join collaborate with my good friend Mr . Hazmy and his pretty , awesome wife  is  just  god sent xD …

Meeting up with Emeelye is a bliss , she is just as sweet and very intelligent woman with a very good sense of humor … i simply adore her ❤

here are some of the picture  i manage to process   .

I wish all the best to this couple as they r one of the most AWESOME BLAST  COOL COUPLE that  i ever meet. 🙂

Lots of love

Lea ❤


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