Good Morning From Mt Bromo

submersing within the blankets of clouds slowly awake while enjoying the morning sun, Mt Bromo is puffing some smoke welcoming its another new day 🙂  and   yes Mt Bromo is an active Volcano 🙂  located in  Bromo , Surabaya , Indonesia.

i went to Indonesia few week back , took a very long holiday  almost  2 weeks plus  traveling  around Peneng , Ipoh , Indonesia . Busy taking picture and  at last enjoy my life as a single lady 😀 ~!  im still in the mist  of sorting out  all of my picture . please bare with me k 🙂 coz i had like 40 gb of picture  ( god knows what is it inside -_-“” )

my picture will be up loaded slowly 🙂 but if you want to  have a peek on my album u can always click to my face book link 🙂



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