The Gate

There is something about this picture that really catch my attention . It gives me a mix feeling .

Feeling such as .. im going home .. or i has arrive or some sort or somehow it feel a bit sad..  . It was taken at a gate entrance . Nothing is sharp  in this picture , and  grain in the picture is as bad as the surface of a sand paper  …  but then .. when i start look in to it and gaze it , it somehow for a moment there. Manage to catch my soul .

This picture was taken when i was in India , Agra . It was the entrance going into the majestic  Taj Mahal . it was one of its many gate and this is the main gate .

It was almost nightfall when this picture was taken , i was with my friends  they were in front of me , standing in the middle of the road i cannot resist to pick up my camera and start to shot .

As the situation is getting darker and darker , i need to act fast and stand still   hold your breath is not an option t oget a good shot . some more you are not allow to bring a tripod into  the place. All i can think of is just to pump up my  ISO and shot ..  run towards the gate  . and i manage to  got this .

try to guess what is the ISO im using here hehehe  xD .. mind u this is using an old nikon D200 . so hence the poor ISO but then .. who cares :p as long i got my shots  :3 and its one of a kind ❤






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