Think Big Innovate 2011.

Think Big  !




Well .. lemme explain. THINKBIG Innovate is a forum+talks  about social media and creating technopreneurs that is happening in Empire Hotel & Country Club,Brunei on the 20 oct 2011, and thanx to Borneo Colour  im one of thefew lucky people who is able to attend this forum .

In this forum is all about , how to  use the social media to brand ourself as an entrepreneur , to think out from our comfort zone , and also featuring the newest  technology about education . And beside that , its also discuss about the platform for the SME in Brunei in expending their business.

What really inspire me in this forum is a talk by Mr Derek Sivers . He mention that the mindset of us Asian is very different from the folks in the silicon valley .

For example

While people in Singapore   ( thats’ where he liveb right now) is struggling  to surviving  on everyday basis, as in  after u finish  study u must get a decent job to pay your debts. Dont think about   opening a business coz u need to pay your debts, u need gives moeny to your parents , you need to have a stable income, and BUSINESS is RISKY!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU CRAZY????!!!  [well that i exaggerate it :p ]

while people in Silicon valley  is eager to start their own business, chasing their own dream and ideas.And most of all solving interesting problem.

Its funny when i think about it, coz what he said is so true . We are just like a bunch of fish that is in the water without realising it. The market in Asia itself is so huge but yet we don’t have the courage to enter it.

Another thing is , we need to realise that there are things that is bigger than money itself . Rather than busy helping our self, might as well we help the community.

By the end of the day ..  i realise that we don’t need to totally change ourself to think like them , the people at Silicon valley. but , just some small changes in our mind . focus to ourself, and the community and willing to share our  knowledge.

Another thing  that i would like to mention is ,Pigeonhole Live.

Pigeonhole Live is the world simplest Real – Time Q & A  tool on the mobile web.  It’s like some kind of an apps thats enable you to post your question to the speaker via your mobile/pc/tablets /anything thats goes  online :p . Beside asking question that you want to ask, you can also vote for your Favorited question too. Now , how simple is that . when ever we want to ask a question during the Q & A  session we  dont need to do  running towards the mic and ask out loud. it’s really handy for peple who felt kinda shy to ask question in front of so many  people.

the only down side for this  apps is . No Internet no Lubang Merpaati :p i mean Pigeonhole Live. So , u need a stable internet connection to use this apps in your machine.

So here are some picture in the event :3 of me and my friends : )

me :3 ( picture taken by Angel Bear) the lady in Red next to me is Wendy. Blog owner of cincau 4u

all the lenglui of Sabah .

the osem miss angel bear

me xD


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