a short Hiatus weekend

This is a long pending post , i know i should have posted this post  like 2 weeks ago 😛 but due to recent increase of workload 😦  , tension , tiredness ..  all i want to do  is rest.

this post is a bout a short weekend trip that i made with my boyfriend. He brought me to a place  called the Travellers Inn in Kinarut and i must say that place feel very homey and comfy . It is just a small resort with a  nice pool, awsome sunset , and a very romantic  place to have dinner too hahah andyway here is some of the picture i would like to share with everyone 🙂

Enjoy ~

kinarut beach in Kota Kinabalu Sabah

beside having the beach  there is some kayak for rental too xD

red kayaks

kayaking anyone ? gosh just look at the sandy beach … i want go back T_T

imagine u were just  chilling  there with  your cold drink ..  oh mai ….

least but not  least the sunset that you cannot miss out 🙂

a night view of the resort

and lastly  this is what i got for my 27th birthday present 🙂 from my  BF  thank you  🙂 sayang


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