Holding on to you.

This picture was taken  last year ,when i was in Johore Bahru visiting a good friend of mine Hazmy http://www.flickr.com/photos/hazmy-photog/ and Anka www.facebook.com/mankamundophotoarta .Both of them are photographer form JB that produce beautiful and superb image . Me, myself had learn a lot   form them.

It was the wedding assignment of Hazmy & his team  and i was just  lending a hand for the assignment.When i took this shot , i was chasing the groom n bride from the back as the other guys was doing the coverage from the front. I have to say , shoting in a place that i dont familiar with at all poses a lot of challange to me, but never the less i manage to nail some shot that im happy with 🙂 .

Wedding, is something that is so intimate and beautiful. The story of 2 people falling in , and getting married has always inspire me to create more beautiful picture.

Holding on to your hand ,  and never let go . That’s the story that i wanted to tell  in this picture. The intimacy  of the bride and the groom and how much they love each other.  Holding their hand firmly together, a simple gesture . But very touching  indeed.


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