The World is Round ?

Yeah i know when u saw my tittle im sure u will say  .. LOL HUAT ? DUH ? of coz everyone know’s that the wold is round . I mean the globe , earth  what ever u may call  is round . But do  you know,   when every time you  took a picture of a scenery   or a  landscape.and everything looks  horizontally straight  .

Every time when we do a landscape shot , everyone will be busy   making sure the horizon is straight. Its not wrong at all . Even me myself would do the same.  But sometime it’s never hurt to bend the horizon .. well a bit :p

Here is a landscape shot i done not so long ago. It was  located at Sutra Harbor beach. Its one of my favorite location to shot sea scape  picture and also a very famous location for people to do Pre- wedding shots.


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